REISkills Coaching / Education Services

Beginner or Expert RE Investor, I help you get better.

I coach - mentor on several skillsets that the RE Business Owner needs.

Marketing and Advertising
Public Relations
Websites (Part of Marketing)
Education of Real Estate Financing
Public Speaking

See these videos to learn all the facets I mentor on.

I am looking to teach - mentor real estate investors.

Here is your "preview".

1. wholesaling is not the only strategy, it is 1 of them.

2. lease option assignments, sub2, and wraps for pretty houses, little or no equity, $5K a house min.

3. buy and hold, free and clear houses, give installment sale offer, 105% of value, 300 a month cash flow

4. JV Partnerships

5. Private 1st mortgages

6. Rent to Own exit strategies

Videos - Creative Financing

If you are ready to "pull the trigger" text me at (818) 570-0840

I am only taking 5 more " 1 on 1 students", so it is up to you.

Best wishes,


Brian Gibbons
27 year old vet
[email protected]


Brian Gibbons

Brian Gibbons
Sherman Oaks, CA

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