The New Way to Search Real Estate

The next generation in real estate search is here! If you are buying a home or investing in real estate “on-the-go” then experiencing Revestor on the web or iPhone app is a must! Whether you are searching for the home of your dreams or the next property to add to your investment portfolio, Revestor provides a superior user interface with exclusive information to help you make better decisions.

Find homes-for-sale, investment properties, estimated rents, property details, pictures, potential cash flow, estimated mortgage payment, potential cash-on-cash return, potential return on invest (ROI), RevestorRating, and more - all by your GPS location.

Revestor’s iPhone App helps you instantly find homes for sale by the highest potential returns in your location.

Revestor not only provides location-based real estate search but also analyzes properties for you on the fly.

Instead of investors and Realtors using multiple apps and archaic spreadsheets they can now save hours worth of research and analysis by letting Revestor do all the heavy lifting.

Revestor’s iPhone App Features:

*Search Homes For Sale: By location, price, & cash flow or cap rate in a map and list view

*Listings: Revestor is partnered with one of the largest listing providers in the US so there is no need to worry about a lack of listings

*Estimated Rental Income: Get estimated rents along with other key real estate indicators

*Summary: Beds, baths, square feet, lot size, property type, year built, MLS number, etc.

*Contact Real Estate Agents: Connect with the agent who is listing the property

*Property Details: Read a description of the property and large pictures

*Key Real Estate Indicators: View the initial potential cash flow, cap rate, cash-on-cash return, and ROI, as a starting point toward your own due diligence and customized financial analysis

Revestor's website features:

*Search by the highest cap rate and cash flow based on a 20% down payment and a 5yr hold (free version) in a map and list view

*Dig into each property with Revestor's Calculator (Adjust your offer, Change the rent, change your downpayment and your exit strategy and all the numbers will change for you dynamically)

*Preset/customize the search to your exact filters. Set your downpayment, minimum returns, and weather you are looking for deals to hold or flip then the system will only return properties in your criteria (Premium Account Coming Soon)

Revestor is the best way for investors to access the MLS on a national level


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Bill Lyons
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