Smart Growth, Inc.

Catalyzing Sustainable Development

Smart Growth is a real estate investment and development firm founded in 2014. The company's mission is to catalyze sustainable development of residential and commercial properties that enable people to thrive.

During our startup phase, we are focused primarily on the redevelopment of single family homes throughout the Bay Area. To do this, we market ourselves as cash buyers of properties in as-is condition that can close quick to source deals at wholesale prices.

Our aspiration is to venture into new construction in the residential sector with prefab homes being of particular interest as well as into commercial developments with an eye towards mixed-use. As the business expands, so will the creativity of our projects.

We are dedicated to renovating and building with high efficiency and smart technology in mind including the adoption of renewables especially solar to make net-zero energy buildings the norm. True to our name, the company's vision is to develop real estate in neighborhoods with appropriate density, high walkability, public transportation and a sense of community.

  • Oakland, California


Chris Porto

Chris Porto
Oakland, CA

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