Streamline Holdings LLC Hard Money Transactional Financing

Hard Money In Southwest Missouri

We do hard money lending differently. Hard money lending typically involves a high barrier of entry due to points and/or a down payment. Then there's a high interest rate associated with the transaction.

Instead of punishing deal-makers upfront, we reward them. You find a deal and we'll buy it for you giving you an equal profit. Our only upfront fees are for recording the deal which typically runs less than $200.

Our process works like this. You find the deal, we fund the acquisition. We prefer option deals over outright purchases. If you have questions on the difference between options vs. purchases please reach out to us. Fix-up funds are negotiable and evaluated on an individual basis.

We also lend against free and clear properties if you need to cash out some equity.

Our property preference is three bedroom, two bath single family residences and larger. We will consider smaller properties and other asset classes. Those seeking funds outside of Southwest Missouri need not apply.


Casey Mericle

Casey Mericle
Springfield, MO

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