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Red Hawk Properties at Brokers Guild Premium
Erie, Colorado

We are a team of brokers who specialize in helping new investors get starting in real estate. Whether buying your first rental or house hacking your way up we can help get you there. Our goal is to get everyone off to...

Specialization: Residential
Coldwell Banker Commercial Premium
Jonesboro, AR
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#1 in all classes of real estate in Jonesboro, AR for the past 6 years!

Specializations: Commercial Land
Synergy Real Estate & Prop. Mgmt. Premium
Bakersfield, California

Synergy Team was established to meet the need for a real estate and property management expert with a personal touch in Kern County.

We specialize in working with investors and sellers, but can answer any real esta...

Specializations: Residential Commercial
Candor Realty Premium
Wakefield , Massachusetts

I am a realtor and real estate investor. I househacked a 3 family in CT when I was 22 and have been obsessed with Real Estate ever since. My wife and I own over 25 units in outside of MA. It is important to me that I ...

Specializations: Residential Commercial
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There are tons of ways to invest in real estate, but being a Millennial presents some specific challenges. We interview successful Millennial real estate investors to share their stories with the rest of the generatio...

Bee Branch Enterprises Inc Premium
Asheville, NC

I just started the company to run my budding real estate investment business. I intend to purchase more homes with other peoples money and turn them to more short term rentals.

True Neighbor Premium
Roseville, Minnesota
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Reshaping the traditional home investor mold.
With the growth of anonymous, quick-sell, online businesses and unscrupulous, bait-and-switch investors, the current home buying industry has become a messy ...

Specialization: Residential
The Elle Group Premium
Wakefield MA

Specializations: Residential Commercial Land
ZINC Financial, Inc. Premium
Fresno, California

ZINC Financial, Inc. is a leading Investment Rehab Lender. If you're looking for a rehab loan, you have come to the right place. We specialize in private money rehab loans, and we help investors leverage their capital...

Specialization: Hard Money
Harper Financial LLC Premium
Brockton, MA

Hard Money Lender
Harper Financial is a local direct hard money lender funding deals in MA, CT, RI and NH. We provide Fix and Flip loans for short-term, non-owner occupied residential properties. At Harper Financial, ...

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