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Shields Investment Group Premium
Highland, Indiana

URB Inc Premium
Lincolwood, IL

Our "Sell my house fast Chicago" program does just that and more. We can save you money too!
Looming foreclosure, death of a family member, divorce, back taxes, costly repairs, there are all kinds of situations when...

Land Brothers Mortgage and Realty Premium
Sherman Oaks, California
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We specialize in investor friendly loans that do not use the borrower's DTI to qualify the loan. We curate wholesale lending products from several dozen institutions to make sure you're getting the most cost effectiv...

Lettries Enterprises Premium
Houston, Texas

Rescue Homebuyers Inc Premium
St Petersburg/ Fort Lauderdale, Florida

We are a Veteran and FireFighter owned company. We assist homeowners in need of solutions of getting out of their homes fast.
-Job Change
-Fire/Mold Damage
-Tired Landlord
-Rehab being too...

Knoxx Group, LLC Premium
Atlanta, Georgia

We find great real estate deals and bring them to real estate investors.

SalCal Real Estate Connections Premium
Plainville, CT

Licensed Real Estate Agents Specializing in Working With Investors of All Kinds All Over Connecticut

Specializations: Residential Commercial Land
Investmark Mortgage Premium
Addison, TX
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If you’re buying a rental property or purchasing a property to flip, you need a lender you can trust.

The Investmark staff has over 60 years of combined investor experience to guide you through the lending process wi...

Specialization: Hard Money
Kimberly Premium
Ft Lauderdale, FL

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