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Multi-family investing in the 10-100 B and C Class sector.

Villehomes, LLC
Louisville, Kentucky

Our company buys, renovates, rents, and sells properties in Louisville, KY.

Villela Properties
San Antonio, TX

Family-owned and operated residential real estate investment company. Specializing in single-family homes.

Specialization: Residential
Ville Vanguard Ventures
Long Beach, California

Real Estate Development

Specialization: Development
Villhest Investments LLC.
Creedmoor, North Carolina

Vincent Esquire
Cleveland, Ohio

If you need help with a real estate law matter or want to protect your hard earned assets, work with Vincent Esquire.

Investors and homeowners throughout Ohio have utilized our services to handle their legal issue...

Vine KC
Overland Park, KS

Vineyard Funding Capital Group buys and holds real estate, with a focus on private mortgages and notes.
We work closely with other investors who are looking to sell a note created from a seller-financed property who ...

We specialize in buying and selling discount properties in the greater Houston area.

Specializations: Residential Commercial Land
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