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LendingHome (26 States)
San Francisco, California

LendingHome is the largest residential hard money lender in the nation,
originating $3.5Billion+ in volume since launching 4 years ago.
SEE YOUR FREE RATE IN 3 MINUTES @: https://bit.ly/2Q1TwUj

Types of Properties: ...

Specialization: Hard Money
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3 Blue Oaks
Orlando, Florida

Specialization: Residential
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Private Money Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah
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We lend to real estate investors on properties in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, California, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, and Texas. We lend on residential, commercial, land, and construction.

Specializations: Hard Money Private Money Residential Mortages
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Salt Funding
Denver, CO

$0 application fee. $0 underwriting fee.
Working with Denver area investors for over a decade... We are a small family owned business driven to help other investors. We started a buy and rehab business over a dec...

Specializations: Hard Money Private Money Transactional Financing
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JZ Vacation Rentals
St. Louis, Missouri

We are a vacation rental management company that provides a 5 star experience that is consistent thought-out all of our homes.

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Bay Equity Home Loans
Bay Area, California

Bay Equity is a full-service retail mortgage lender. Founded in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district in 2007, the company recently moved to new corporate headquarters in Sausalito.

Bay Equity is family o...

Specialization: Residential Mortgages
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Are you looking to expand your business but are not ready to bring on a full time employee? Do you have too many tasks to manage and not enough time?

I could help you grow your business or take some work off your ...

Specialization: Financial Advisor
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Paces Funding LLC
Atlanta, GA

One of the southeast's oldest and largest hard money lenders. We lend on fix-and-flip properties, new construction, cash out, transactional funding, and commercial properties. We're privately funded which makes for ...

Specialization: Hard Money
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The Moorhead Team
Saint Paul, Minnesota
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We are licensed Realtors and Investors whose passion is helping clients build wealth and passive income through real estate. We have acute knowledge of the markets we service by owning and living in the markets we ser...

Specializations: Residential Commercial
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Turnkey Property Group
Kansas City, MO

Todd Crippen and Mike Palikij both have the same outlook on life. Working harder than what is expected to provide for an early retirement to spend more time with family. To enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle with financial ...

Specializations: Residential House Flipper Other
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