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Hard Money Companies in California

AMZA Capital Premium
Los Angeles, CA

*** Lending in all 50 states. Up to 90% LTV ***

AMZA Capital represents a group of investors that has financed over one billion dollars worth of loans across all sectors - from commercial real estate, residential rea...

Specializations: Hard Money Commercial Mortgages Private Money
LendingOne, LLC Premium
Boca Raton, Florida

Lending One is one of the largest direct private lenders in the country. Call (866)-724-7555 for a no-obligation quote.

We offer Fix/Flip, Rental, Multi-family and New Construction loans. We lend in 43 states and he...

Specialization: Hard Money
Orchard Funding Premium
Scottsdale, Arizona

Orchard Funding is a private lender providing fix & flip, bridge financing and ground up construction loans for the professional real estate investor. Loans are underwritten and funded in-house thus enabling swift dec...

Specialization: Hard Money
RCD Capital Premium
Artesia, CA

Attention: New & Experienced Real Estate Investors, Real Estate Agents, & Wholesalers!

Need a Hard Money Loan for a Fix & Flip Purchase or Need to Cash Out? Contact RCD Capital at 800.369.7009 to speak with a Hard M...

Specialization: Hard Money
Conventus Lending Premium
San Francisco, CA

From its founding in 2015, the Company has originated loan volume of ~$920MM.

Conventus Holdings Corp (“CHC”) is an established, venture-funded fintech lending company working to change the business-purpose funding ...

Specialization: Hard Money
LendingHome (25 States) Premium
San Francisco, California

LendingHome offers direct residential bridge loans for real estate investors of all experience levels in 25 states.
SEE YOUR FREE RATE IN 3 MINUTES @: https://www.lendinghome.com/m/flow?m_mdm=Partner&m_src=BiggerPock...

Alta Capital Group Premium
Tustin, CA

Alta Capital Group is a leading hard money lender and trust deed investment firm dedicated to providing real estate investors with the capital they need to keep their deals moving forward. Over the last 10 years, Alta...

Specialization: Hard Money
Land Brothers Mortgage and Realty Premium
Sherman Oaks, California

We make sure that every borrower that walks through our doors gets exceptional service. All our loan officers take very seriously the fact that purchasing a home or an investment property is likely the largest purchas...

Patch of Land Premium
Sherman Oaks, California

Patch of Land is a private money lender using proprietary technology and data to provide efficient lending solutions to real estate investors throughout the country. Patch of Land offers borrowers access to reliable c...

Specializations: Hard Money Hard Money Commercial Mortgages
ZINC Financial, Inc. Premium
Fresno, California

ZINC Financial, Inc. is a leading Investment Rehab Lender. If you're looking for a rehab loan, you have come to the right place. We specialize in private money rehab loans, and we help investors leverage their capital...

Specialization: Hard Money
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