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11 Capital Finance
Lansdale, Pennsylvania

We are a Brokerage Firm representing 120 Institutional Lenders focusing on fix and flip money, transactional funding, pure commercial funding, ground up new construction and single family residential and multifamily u...

Aptitude Agency LLC
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Cetan Funds, LLC
Eugene, Oregon
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Cetan Funds is a private money lender for developers, builders, and investors. We are based in Eugene, Oregon but offer services throughout the state of Oregon. Our team has over 40 years of local lending experience a...

Specialization: Hard Money
AMZA Capital
Los Angeles, CA

*** Lending in all 50 states. Up to 90% LTV ***

AMZA Capital represents a group of investors that has financed over one billion dollars worth of loans across all sectors - from commercial real estate, residential rea...

Specializations: Hard Money Commercial Mortgages Private Money
Superior Mortgage Co, Inc.
Highland Mills, New York
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Superior Mortgage Company has been a provider of private money serving all of New York and the US. We are a New York based Company with experience in Commercial loans, ground up construction, rehabs, fix and flips, la...

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We are a Premier Private Lending Group. We have developed very seamless loan products, that are a good fit for most borrowers.

We provide Hard Money; Rehab loans; Private Bridge and Commercial...

Specialization: Hard Money

Rain City Capital of Oregon, LLC offers financing services to real estate investors and professionals in the great state of Oregon. We specialize in providing short-term loans for residential property purchases that r...

Capital Funding Financial LLC
Boca Raton, Florida
1 Deal 3 Resources

Capital Funding Financial is a family operated licensed private lender specializing in asset based investment properties nationwide.

We close loans in 3-7 DAYS due to our NO Credit or Income Verification and NO Appr...

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