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123 buy me
dallas, tx

owner finance

12 Park llc
Orono , Maine

Student renting

Lending short term on Non-Owner Occupied real estate, Idaho

Specialization: Private Money
135 Cambridge LLC
Brooklyn, NY

We are a small real estate company that has Multi-family rentals in Brooklyn NY, Jersey City NJ and a Beachfront Resort Condo rental in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. We are excited and looking forward to expanding our business ...

13 Falcons
Rockaway Beach, OR

Our company works closely with investors and stakeholders to create an atmosphere where profitability and sustainable housing options enrich the local community.

Buys real estate to lease out

Oklahoma City, OK

Let us help you find investment property at unbeatable prices.

After buying and selling literally thousands of homes, we know the market and have the inventory to meet any client’s needs, making us a great resource...

1801 Properties
Springfield, Ohio

1801 Properties, LLC is a family-owned real estate investment business.

We focus on value-add and income-producing projects in Central Ohio.

Founded by Ohio natives and entrepreneurs, Dave and Jessica Swingle, ...

Specialization: Commercial
oklahoma city, oklahoma

1924 Niagara LLC
Niagara Falls, New York

We buy fixer uppers in Niagara Falls, NY, fix them very well (inside and out), and resell them at wholesale prices, giving investors very high rental ROI.

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