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Build your business with BiggerPockets Premium
Get your company in front of the largest network of real estate investors, and increase leads by 3x.
Build credibility
Share your company's track record, specialities, customer reviews and more with Premium business pages.
Capture leads
Connect with qualified investors through exclusive lead generation forms and enhanced forum post signatures.
Scale your business
Get 3x more contacts than non-Premium members.
Access to tools that grow your business
Enhanced company profile, lead capture form, your business information on all your forum posts, and more for $99/month.
Premium company profile
Showcase your business by demonstrating your specialties, recent deals, and reviews to gain credibility with investors.
Your company works to close the deal
Easily connect with users to grow your business.
Featured ad placements
Premium gives you the ability to become a featured agent and automatically match with investors.
Marketplace listings
List more properties in the marketplace, the only place on BiggerPockets you can advertise real estate to prospective buyers.
Private messaging
Access to our messaging platform where you can easily connect with investors on BiggerPockets.
Unlimited access to our exclusive real estate investing and business management webinars at any time.
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Frequently asked questions
Below you'll find answers to our most commonly asked questions when signing up for a Premium membership.

What is a Premium account?

Our Premium membership is essential for vendors trying to grow their business. Premium gives you the ability to effectively advertise your services to investors, leveraging our community built on trust and the genuine mission to create wealth for our members through the unbound exchange of real estate investing knowledge.

What are the benefits of Premium?

Every Premium member gets access to an enhanced company profile, lead capture form, priority placement in the company directories, featured ad placements across the site, communication tools, increased posting ability in the Marketplace, plus all the perks of our Pro Membership.

How do you receive leads?

When an investor shows interest in your services, we deliver an email directly to your inbox with their information. We include contact information, what strategies they’re interested in, property type, pre-approval or pre-qualification status, how many deals they’ve done, timeline to purchase, price range and much more.

What is a Premium company profile and how does it work?

Premium company profiles give you the ability to display your services to the BiggerPockets community. Showcase deals you’ve done with other members, gather references to earn credibility, display your service areas, specializations, budgets you work with, the investment experience you require and other members of your team.

Can you advertise my services in more than one city or area?

Yes! Regardless of the type of business, you have the ability to add as many service areas you’d like. By doing this, you’ll be visible and able to collect leads from millions of investors across multiple different markets.

Who is Premium available for?

Currently, only Real Estate Agents, Hard Money Lenders, and Investment companies can upgrade to Premium. Stay tuned for more company types!

How do you use your Premium account?

Premium accounts are easy and straightforward to use. After signing, up you’ll be asked to fill out your new company profile to start attracting the attention of investors. Once you’ve done that, you’ll start receiving leads directly to your inbox. Whether you’re in the office or on the go, you’ll be able to access your leads directly from your email. Don’t worry! You’ll have a dedicated account manager to help you get you up and running and ensure you’re set up for success.

Can you add members of your team to a Premium company?

Yes, all company owners can send invites to other team members on BiggerPockets. Once they’ve joined your team, you can assign leads to them and begin directing workflows across your team.

Can you link your website and social accounts to a Premium company?

Yes, you have the option to include direct links to your company website, social handles along with all the basic contact information you choose to make visible.

How much does a Premium membership cost?

Premium memberships are billed $99 monthly and require a 12-month commitment.

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