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In August of 2004, BiggerPockets was launched in an attempt to help out real estate investors seeking the information and tools they need. Since then, the site has seen incredible growth and as a result, we've worked hard to put together the infrastructure and team to support such a sizable group.

While many sites charge hundreds to thousands of dollars to access information, tools and resources that BiggerPockets gives away, we continue to believe that this must continue to be freely available to EVERYONE. There is no other place online or off that offers the huge quantity OR superb quality of information that we offer for no charge . . . we do it because we believe it is the right thing to do!

Looking to the Future

We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on development projects to improve the site over the years, and some of these have remained incomplete due to budgetary restrictions. We think that it is time to get moving on them! In addition, we have a list of several priority projects that we wish to implement over the next 2 years or so. We believe that these projects (applications and improvements) will benefit all of our users, and will also help attract a new flock of members from which everyone can benefit.

Thank You for Donating to BiggerPockets!

BiggerPockets depends on our advertisers and the generous donations of members like you to cover our budget, maintain our site, provide improvements and additional tools to the site, and keep our servers online. If you have found BiggerPockets.com to be helpful in your real estate learning, dealmaking, or networking activities, please consider a donation to our site.

NOTE: We're currently working to replace our automated donation payment system. If you wish to donate, please contact us and we'll tell you how to do it manually.

Donor Recognition

As a thank you to our donors, BiggerPockets has created a donor badge to designate those users who have contributed to the success of the community with a financial gift of over $100. You can find these on users' profiles.

Donate As Little as $1 and you'll have our eternal gratitude! Every dollar helps, and we absolutely welcome small contributions.
Donate Over $100 and receive a Donor Badge on your profile for as long as your profile is active.
Donate Over $250 and receive a personal thank you on the BiggerPockets forums from founder, Joshua Dorkin, in addition to getting our profile badge.
Donate Over $1,000 and receive recognition in the BiggerPockets Newsletter along with a personal thank you on the forums AND a profile badge.