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This is the slide deck for the 90+ minute presentation of "CLARITY: The Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Creating a Powerful Vision, Setting Inspiring Goals, and Determining the Right Actions to Take Each Day." This presentation can be viewed as part of the BONUS content when you purchase The Intention Journal from www.BiggerPockets.com/journal.

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I was watching this series and now I can't seem to find the videos anymore.

Courtney Travis | over 1 year ago  

Thanks for sharing your wisdom unselfishly!! How do I get more Intention Journal books for my team?

Kenneth Collins Sr | over 1 year ago  

Thank you!

Sharron M. | almost 2 years ago  

I can't seem to find the video presentation associated with this.

Keith Carey | almost 3 years ago  

Thank you!

Adrienne Donner | almost 3 years ago  

Thank you!

Cody Zucker | almost 3 years ago