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3 kitchens, 3 sep. entrances, 2 living rooms but zoned RS10 :(

Posted May 23 2022, 14:52

hey all! First post on here!

I'm a landlord in Nashville and bought my new home last July. I've been making amazing money renting both my home and rental property out to a bunch of single guys and doing individual leases w/o any codes issues yet. Planning on hiring a property manager as it's been more than I want to handle anymore. With my new place it's got 3 kitchens, 2 living rooms, 3 separate entrances, is 2,250 sq.ft and just 10 minutes south of downtown. The problem is that I just checked Nashville's parcel website and see that the house is zoned RS10 (single family). People have shared that it would very likely be a long and drawn out process that probably wouldn't get approved anyways to try to get it zoned as a duplex or ideally, a triplex despite being the perfect layout for this.

A few things that are top of mind I'd like to get some answers on here as I decide with my property manager how we move forward...

-Assuming it must legally be a triplex in order to rent it out to 3 groups that do not know each other?

-Nashville has this code (though must be antiquated since sooo many college students/young professionals rent houses together w/3+ people in the house) that states...Section 16.24.400—Occupancy Limits..."No more than three unrelated adults can occupy a dwelling unit. This regulation applies to all dwelling units, no matter how many bedrooms the dwelling unit may have." Curious if anyone at all has heard of codes actually enforcing this and a legitimate work around besides just hoping for the best. This code would be the other problem if leaving it zoned as RS10 resulting in the only option being to rent out to 1 family but I don't know of any families needing 3 kitchens, etc., etc.!!

Please help! Thank you!!!

Nashville, Tennessee

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