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First time investor seeking advice on hiring a property manager

Posted Jun 29 2022, 18:21

Hi - I would really appreciate some advice regarding hiring a property manager. For context, I am a first-time / would-be investor (based in Southern California) interested in purchasing a handful of SFR's in South Georgia. The properties are in fairly low income areas but are currently occupied by tenants at below market rental rates.

As I am on the other side of the country, I would plan to hire a property manager to handle anything that requires physical presence (e.g., maintenance, handing over keys, screening tenants, showing the property, etc.). My hope is that this would be a VERY passive investment and that the property manager would handle the bulk of the work.

Am I being naive that I would be able to find a property manager like this? How can I vet a property manager to verify that they are adequate?

Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!!

Columbus, Georgia

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