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Renting or selling my 1st house
I'm in process of buying my 2nd property as my maine residence. Thinking to rent my 1st property. Just numbers don't really add up. So: 1) 1200$ mortgage payment 2 ) extra 100$ a month cause we are loosing homestead... View more
Cashflow ratio for rental properties
Do the 1% rule for measuring possible cashflow, apply to every type property—single family to multi family? Or are there certain factors to look for to determine cashflow ability?
Corporate Transparency Act
Any unintended consequences to be had here?No more anonymous home buyers: New law requires shell companies to name their owners
Refi Rental property to Buy another rental property
Hello, First post here, newbie to the forum and site- looks to be a great resource! Hope this is relevant.... I own one of two rentals outright (single family)and looking to leverage it to purchase a third rental... View more
10 Biden tax plans that will sail through a Democratic-controlled Higher maximum rate The pre-election Biden tax plan would raise the top individual federal income rate on ordinary income and net short-term capital gains back to 39.6%, the top... View more
How to calculate when to refinance
Hello,I bought my first property in June, 2020 and the rate was 3.35%. I noticed the rate is lowered now. What is the rate worth to refinance and how to calculate including to consider all costs & fees? Is there... View more
Strategy for building a property
Hi all,i have a good deal on a 500sqm lot in the heart of the city located close to all amenities. I wanted to buy this lot and build a 5 unit rental apartments. The thing is, if I buy this lot then I wont have anymore... View more
Economic Update (End of Year Summary)
Economic Update (End of Year Summary) Before we started getting sick, we had TIME — time to meet, to talk and gather, to sing, to cheer and to roar. The minutes in the hour, the days in the week, were luxuries no one... View more
Single Family sale and Tenant obligation
I currently have a tenant whose lease will expire in August but I want to sell the SF and buy multifamily. Can I sell with tenant in it and is there legal implication for selling/ can buyers view while tenant is still... View more
REI Groups or Investor Mentors (Arizona)
Hello Everyone if Knowledgeable. Can we share updated info for Arizona REI groups or investor mentors. Any info of contact would be appreciated!!!
Census estimates: TX leads in population growth, CA sees a drop
Census estimates: Texas leads US in population growth, California sees first-ever drop Article Highlights below: According to the U.S. Census Bureau's 2020 population estimates, Texas added the most residents of any... View more
Recorded pre foreclosures in some areas vs others
Hi so I’ve been diving deep into my books since ive laid off (seasonal) and realized that there’s a HUGE difference in recorded lis pendons in Florida compared to my area, which is New England. Is Florida’s market... View more
Ron Rutherford R/G investments Chapel Hill N. Carolina
I’m a first time investor trying to get my first flip off the ground. Does anyone know anything about they said they could finance me, but I need to come up with some money to start the process 
Healthy Growth Ahead for the Portland Area
It’s getting closer to the end of the year and that means economic and market forecasts are starting to show up on the internet. Danielle Hale, Chief Economist, released their 2021 housing forecast. The... View more
Listing of Government-backed Relief Programs for Borrowers
There are Government-backed relief programs across the nation designed to keep borrowers out of foreclosure. We have seen them first hand, where these programs will fully reinstate delinquent loans, pay for utilities,... View more
Phoenix, Arizona #1 for Attracting & Retaining Workers (Report)
Those of you have invested in Metro Phoenix--or are posting "where to invest" questions--might want to read this article from today's Arizona Republic.At the end of this excerpt there is a link you should be able to... View more
How we got to today's post-COVID RE market.
What does it mean to be in the housing market post COVID? Most of us remember where we were when it became clear that COVID-19 was truly a global issue that would affect Americans. The call for shutdowns came rapidly... View more
Looking for Commercial Lenders
Hello I am looking into getting started with CRE, the asset classes I am interested in are Industrial (e.g., warehouses, data centers, manufacturing buildings, or self-storage) and Special purpose (e.g.medical... View more
Fresno County meet and greets
Hello BP real estate junkie's.I live in Coalinga, CA., which is about 45 minutes from Fresno. I'm looking to meet up with like minded people in surrounding areas.Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.
Any Real Estate Meets Up In PA?
Hello bp family. As I continue learning more about real estate, I know at some point I have to get out there and actually DO! I know we are still in the middle of a pandemic, but are there any meet ups, gatherings,... View more

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