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How we got to today's RE market.
What does it mean to be in the housing market post COVID? Most of us remember where we were when it became clear that COVID-19 was truly a global issue that would affect Americans. The call for shutdowns came rapidly... View more
Real Estate Attorney Question
I am a new REI & considering a 50/50 joint venture on a STR.When considering funding, is it best for each investor to have a loan for their half of the costs? And, would this be the same when refinancing after the... View more
The snapping up of investment properties to insulate inflation
It has come to my attention that since April of last year that wealthy investors have been buying up homes with cash in an effort to invest in something that will follow inflation trends.  Do you think this could lead... View more
Wife Needs to Sell but Husband changes his mind.
I have been cold calling absentee owners, and have come across an older couple who need to sell desperately. They can no longer keep up with the repairs, and the roof has a huge leak, they are falling behind on taxes... View more
RE investors with humble origins?
Calling all underdog RE investors.If you got into real estate because you were an engineer, lawyer, doctor, or otherwise have large amounts of discretionary income, that's cool, but I want to hear from the unlikely... View more
NRIA (National Realty Investment Advisors)
NRIA are spending a great deal of money advertising and getting their name out there right now; I've tried to research them but can't find anything of value beyond their own website. The returns they promise are high... View more
How we got to today's post-COVID RE market.
What does it mean to be in the housing market post COVID? Most of us remember where we were when it became clear that COVID-19 was truly a global issue that would affect Americans. The call for shutdowns came rapidly... View more
Guidance on first BRRRR
Hello BiggerPockets family, I am new to Real Estate investing by way of the BRRRR strategy. Like most rookies, I have a YouTube University degree and I've listened to hours of BP podcast. For the most part, I... View more
Quick Market update for Hilton Head Island, SC
It has certainly been an interesting year to say the least.  In March and April we were not sure what would happen to the short term rental market here on Hilton Head Island.  Here we are in the last month of the year,... View more
Looking for Commercial Lenders
Hello I am looking into getting started with CRE, the asset classes I am interested in are Industrial (e.g., warehouses, data centers, manufacturing buildings, or self-storage) and Special purpose (e.g.medical... View more
Choosing between two different markets?
I'm a college student and I spend about half the year with my parents (summer, winter break) and half the year in Columbia, SC, where I go to college. My parents live about 3 hours away. I'm a newbie and do not own any... View more
Self Storage RE. Suggestions on getting started?
Hi. I'm a (very) small RE investor, but am interested in growing and looking at self storage opportunities. I've looked at the economics of the space, and it looks very compelled. Looking for any suggestions for... View more
I'm missing something--I just know it. Insights?
I am in the stage of deal finding and analyzing. I would love to get into multi-units, and due to the lack of multi-units for sale in my area, I've fallen into looking at single family homes with 3-4 bd, 2+ baths, and... View more
Corona Virus Impact to Las Vegas Market
Today we sent our investors a special update on the impact of Coronavirus to the Las Vegas market. I thought it would be helpful to share it here. There are multiple canceled events and conferences. Hotel occupancy is... View more
Buying foreclosure properties
I am new real estate investor living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m looking to invest in foreclosure properties but don’t know were to start. Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated.
Dane County/Madison area, WI Real Estate
Hey BP,Thought I would start a forum to hear what people are seeing and hearing in the greater Madison, Wi area in Dane County. Below are some of my thoughts and observations. Construction continues for both single... View more
Which makes more sense, Airbnb or renting a room out?
I am in process of purchasing single family home in Kissimmee Fl and I travel a lot for work.  Is Airbnb safe to use? My concern is theft and damage, but I like the thought of having the home to myself in between work... View more
Buffalo Area Master Plumber Needed
Hello Buffalo area BP peoples!Can anyone suggest a master plumber for an immediate and easy job in North Tonawanda?Thank you and have a great day!Tom & V
REI Meet up Eastern North Carolina ?
Hi I am a new investor in Eastern North Carolina, in the Jacksonville,Wilmington, New Bern area and I have been looking for REI meet ups but haven't found anything. I know that networking is key and maybe this post... View more
My Tenant Horror Story or an Expensive lesson in Real Estate
A balmy spring breeze flowed through my hair, as I rolled down the vast expanse of New Mexico enjoying the happy buzz remaining from the family reunion I just attended in 2004. I was riding high on the back of a new... View more
Seeking advice Alabama
tenant moved out with out notice a few days before the lease expiered.  He left a truck ,a washer and dryer on my property.  The truck has no tags on it. I notified the tenant he needed to remove his property,  or I... View more

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