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Possible mobile home purchase.
I've been perusing on zillow ran across a mobile home I can afford to pay cash for. However, I dont know much about them. Do you pay for the ot of land if mobile home is payed in full? Would you run comps differently?... View more
Calling All Smart People. Newbie question - Kansas City investing
Hello everyone.  I have been analyzing deals in the Kansas City area and it seems like there is potential to cash flow.  Does anyone know if it is wise to invest in the KC area?  If so, what areas are the best for a... View more
Any Real Estate Meets Up In PA?
Hello bp family. As I continue learning more about real estate, I know at some point I have to get out there and actually DO! I know we are still in the middle of a pandemic, but are there any meet ups, gatherings,... View more
Nasty Turnkey looking to purchase then fix
I found a duplex with tenants currently living in it which needs a lot of work. One unit is ok and looks to have minor repairs needed to be done. The other unit is downright disgusting with carpet which was peed on by... View more
New LLC and commercial loans
I have started an LLC with my brothers for buying some rental property but I cannot seem to find a bank willing to give out longer than a 10 year loan on properties sub 50k. Now I am in Wichita and a lot of these homes... View more
Trouble refinancing due to Covid rules
My business partner and I have multiple multi family apartment buildings held as a General partnership. They are all cash flowing and we both have good credit scores and Good incomes. I am trying to refinance my Single... View more
Connections in Huntsville, AL
Hey BP fam, I want to network in person, like a in-person social gathering- remember the old days! Please comment if you know of a group where we can exchange ideas and overall benefit from one another. This doesnt... View more
What to give R.E. appraisers on appraisal day?
Hello BP this is my first post in the forums. I have a question for any appraisers and the investors on the other side of the appraisal who have experience with this.What should you present to the appraiser information... View more
First Investment Property Purchase fix and rent
I found a house I would like to purchase as an investment property, rent it but would like to use non traditional financing. How to obtain financing without a bank? How do I assess whether this would be a profitable... View more
Elections and Interest Rates
This information is from a good friend of mine, real estate investor, and lender with access to tons of different inventory friendly options! I personally think he is a genius when it comes to thinking outside the box... View more
California Draconian Rent Control and Property Tax Inc Nov Ballot
In addition to an irresponsible Draconian Rent Control measure, California will also be voting on an equally irresponsible Confiscatory Property Tax increase in November.Props 21 and 15 respectively, will combine to... View more
Looking to start real estate investing in Allentown, PA
Hello BP family! Hope all is well. I'm from the north jersey area, which as everyone knows, is very expensive and very competitive, especially for those who are working with low funds aka me. Instead of waiting to... View more
INVENTORY! Where are you?!
I apologize in advance if I am beating a dead horse, but . . . . where is the inventory?~! And what are you doing about it? In my local market, things have completely dried up on inventory for possible fix and flips.... View more
New law in Portland could make it tough for small investors...
In Portland Oregon, there’s a new law forcing landlords to pay relocation fees to their tenants if they can’t pay a rent increase. Yeah, that’s a tough pill to swallow if you haven’t received any rent over the past... View more
Rental showings during coronavirus/Covid-19
Landlords- How have your showings for rental units been effected by coronavirus? Are you seeing a drop in demand the last 2-3 days from say 1-2 weeks ago? Are tenants hesitant to make a move now? Filling vacancies... View more
would you buy a duplex from a slumlord?
Hi BP Community,I think I found a good duplex to purchase for house hacking that works number wise.  This will be my first investment so I am trying to make sure it goes well to set me up for future investments.  I... View more
goofy renters in Reno
I recently was given notice by a tenant. November is not a good time to find new tenants in Reno. But when I posted my house, I got 5 applicants in 1 hour, and they keep pouring in. The stories are either their house... View more
If I use my apartment to form and LLC will it be considered a biz
Has anyone here formed an LLC out of state? I am looking to do deals in two states one in CA where I live and in another state where I have family. I spoke with Zoom and they say CA needs a physical address to form an... View more
Hello to all. I'm looking to start investing in tax deed, focus in Florida State. Could any of you who have experience in this type of investment tell me about the pros & cons? What types of risks would you... View more

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