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Hello BP members!

I am fairly new to marketing and have bought one house mailing letters to absentee owners. I am looking to increase my leads and target short sales via direct mail. Can anyone please share where to buy a list of possible short sale candidates? Or strategies on how to find people that might want to do a short sale?

What should my marketing piece read?



You would be hitting people who are 30-60-90-120 days late on their payments, but foreclosure hasnt been filed, these lists always cost $$. The NED list (NOD, whatever its called in your state) is public information and should be on your county website (search "______ county foreclosures"). There are other services that will bundle this into a excel type list as well, but almost always will cost you something.

You have to make sure you know the ins and outs of the foreclosure process and law in your state/county, so you know what you are talking about when talking with sellers. It usually helps to have done a number of short sales so you know bank by bank what to expect, how bankruptcy effects foreclosure, how to stop the sale date, etc.

My marketing piece always explains in detail the benefits to THEM.

Thanks! In Texas I have not been able to find a vendor that will do a 30-60-90 day late list. We have a NOD that is filed 30 days prior to foreclosure then auction will take place. Investors can buy that list but we only have 21 days to work those leads before the auction. I know people work that list and still get the bank to agree to a short sale but time is very limited. In other ideas?

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