Short term Financing for Short Sale

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Currently in process of closing on a year and half long short sale proceeding where assistance is needed in locating funding source to provide financials for 31 day period in between A --> B and thereafter --> C closing.

Arms Length Affidavit permits for listing to be transferred prior to 30 days and need lien loan provided for duration of ALA.

Any/All referrals will be very much appreciated

So, let me get this straight.  An Agent has been working on getting a short sale approval for you, the Buyer, for a year and a half?  You now have formal short sale approval, and you need to secure short term financing to close the sale?

Is your plan to resell the property after you close?    

It is beyond me why an Agent would spend the time trying to secure an approval for someone who doesn't have money to close, but I guess that is not the point.  

If you are trying to get referrals to a private money lender, you need to provide the details of your sale.  Purchase price, equity, current market value, and your plan.  For example, will you be putting money into the house to fix it up before you re-sell it?  If so, how much?  An investor will need to know the risk level.