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Can anyone please tell me exactly who owns OCWEN? This company has a W. Palm Beach,Fla address & of course outsourcing in India. I have been working on a short sale w/ this horrific company almost one year. Clearly the right hand doesn't tell the left hand what's going on,their "underwriting" dept. is a joke,etc...I can go on & on. 

Their procedures are so bad I've had it with them & am ready to put a complaint to the State Dept. and all relevant departments. Can someone please send me info. on this company and  inform me as to where  I put a formal complaint against this company. To go through this much aggravation from this company is absurd!!

It's Ocwen! That's to be expected. No one cares what your complaint is. Sorry, it's just a fact when dealing with Ocwen.

You can file a complaint with the CFPB. That's about it. You'll feel really good when they respond that they've received your complaint. You'll feel even better that they will update you and tell you, "We've given the lender your complaint and they are researching it and will respond within 30 days". And you'll really feel good when they tell you, "Hey, check your inbox, the lender responded to your complaint". Then you'll feel deflated when their complaint response closes your case and you get an email from CFPB, "We would like you to take a brief survey to let us know how we are doing". That will be the end of it. You won't accomplish your objective and you won't get your way, and Ocwen will go on with their business and the CFPB will take your complaint and label it as another success story of the government helping you.

The moral of the story is that you are dealing with Ocwen. You have to just deal with it. "Get along, go along". Fighting the system will get you nowhere. You have a motive. You want to execute a short sale. Your motive may not be the same as theirs and your concerns and your timelines and views of efficiency and good service don't mean anything.

Hell, you may even be wrong! It wouldn't be the first time a short sale participant had a flawed view of what they think should happen in a short sale transaction.

just my two cents...