IS Sales The Million dollar Skill in Real Estate Investing?

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I truly believe that my 30 years of real estate Success is predicated on Sales. Most people fail not for want of motivation or effort but because they lack a Sales Method or System.

Without sales, you have no business.

This is why salespeople tend to be the highest earners in any company.

I would go one further and say that everyone in a business needs to sell. We are all salespeople, a business can't just rely on one person to sell.

I ran a successful software development company for 27 years and had a incredible staff of very intelligent but social awkward engineers. I spent a lot of time working with them on the idea that sales is the process of solving the customers problems and delivering beyond what the customer expects. It worked very well and my company and my team thrived while many of our competitors faded away.

Agreed @Claude Diamond @William Hochstedler @Carl Olsen

Real estate investing is really a people's business. How do you get the other party to like you enough to do business with you vs the others? 

And if you think about it, we're all salespeople. We sell our ideas and suggestions to our spouse, our family, our partners and people whom we meet. 

I think problem solving is another big factor in this business besides salesmanship. 

It's all about Marketing.

If you are growing wealth through investing you are buying not selling.

Negotiating is the million dollar skill.

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