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My wife and I are new investors from NYC and are looking to househack into a 2-4 family in Queens. We are currently looking for experienced short sale agents that can represent and guide us through the process. Would really appreciate any referrals you guys can send our way.


@Christopher Liu

Short sales here in New York are a tough gig.  Your looking at a lot of time and processes.  I'll keep speak to a couple of my agents and see if I can find someone.

@Christopher Liu please clarify your post.  An agent who specializes in short sales is generally on the listing side, not the buying side.  Are you looking to sell your home of which you're underwater on?

@Darren Sager Sorry for the confusion. To clarify, we are looking to purchase a home and are hoping to be connected with agents who have had previous experience with short sales, not necessarily agents who specialize in short sales. 

@Christopher Liu short sales in most cases are listed on the MLS, just like any other home. I would think that in today's market there are a limited amount of these properties available as most of the market has now surpassed 2007 levels. The owner is the one to list them as it's their home. The lender would only be involved to approve the loss they'd be willing to take, which I believe in today's market would probably not be much at all, if any, here in the NYC area.

I may be able to help you. Feel free to message me when you can

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