Buying short sale homes

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Hi everyone,

Any recommendations on buying short sale homes? I am just beginning to learn about it and would like to situate myself for possible opportunities in the future. Books, forums, additional websites, virtual meetups? Or personal experience you'd like to share? Also, rookie question, but what's one way to search for short sales? I do understand the sale can take longer and know the importance of having an experienced realtor. Thanks in advance.

I'm in the same boat! I've been trying to learn about short sales over the past couple of weeks.  

I'm trying to find short sales and it actually seems quite difficult. I haven't had much luck with Redfin or Zillow, my city/country recorders, or an online search. It seems like the best thing to do might be to find an experienced agent and just get listings from them. I wish the Network>Real Estate Agents feature in BP had an option to filter for short sale experienced agents.

Short sales are not necessarily something to specifically look for. Like reo's, the volume is off about 90-95% of what it once was. Banks are not under any pressure to unload problem properties/loans like they may have been in the last. The lender will be looking for market value, so not sure why you want to concentrate on them.