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Difficulties finding Deal Flow using 1031
I'm looking to connect with investors using 1031. Being familiar with the process of buying under a 1031, I know finding deal flow to fulfill the timeline for 1031 can always be an issue. I moved 52 deals last month... View more
Crystal View Capital
Hello, have you heard of Crystal View Capital as an operator who provides syndicates or manages DSTs in storage area and any feedback on them will help. Nothing came up during my past searches on this company. Thank you. 
Buying a property in Opportunity Zone - need guidance!
I am purchasing my first investment rental property, which happens to be in an Opportunity Zone in Denver. I don't close until the end of the month (or 3 weeks) and I have funds sitting in an account which are from a... View more
To sing for 1031 exchange investors/devolopers
Hello my name is James I wholesale and working on my license. In the I would like to know how do you find @031 exchanged buyers in these times? I think the only people buying  are 1031 exchange buyers,or cash buyers of... View more
IRS to Issue FAQ's on 1031 Exchange Extensions
FAQ Coming on Like-Kind Exchange Extensions Posted on Apr. 15, 2020 The IRS is putting together a FAQ that will clarify the recently announced extension of deadlines for completing like-kind exchange transactions. “We... View more
1031 How to show Boot on 8824
I have a completed exchange where property taxes were deducted as part of the sale on the relinquished property. The amount sent to the intermediary was shorted by that amount. The exchange involved no debt and was... View more
3 Factors to Consider in Exchanging Your Oregon Rental Property
At 1031 Capital Solutions, we have daily conversations with landlords contemplating selling their rental properties, many of which are single-family homes or small multi-unit residences. This article presents three key... View more
Cost basis and deferred gain for "3rd" 1031 exchange
  Hi All,   I have a question about Withholding Statements in the context of 1031 exchanges. I am in the process of exchanging out of my "2nd property" (just sold), into my "3rd property".  Suppose the following... View more
DST Round Trip with Defeasance Added To Debt - Added Risk?
I has just experienced my first DST round trip. The defeasance cost caught me by surprise. The sale occurred at the end of year 5 causing five years of early payoff penalty interest. The cost was added to our... View more
Magnify Your Wealth Summit next week
Was wondering if any BP members are attending the Magnify Your Wealth Summit next week in San Diego?  I understand that a large number of RE investors attend this 3 day event.  I'm going and was wondering if anyone... View more
How do I accept 1031 money into my syndication then refi later?
Hello, How do I accept 1031 exchange money into my syndication and have the flexibility to refinance in 6 months? We are putting together a syndication on a $15.8M portfolio of assisted living facilities in Northern... View more
Intro and Question on becoming a Qualified Intermediary
Hey everyone,I have been on BiggerPockets now for a couple months or so, so figured I would take the time to introduce myself. I am a newly licensed CPA and REALTOR in the Denver market excited to get started in real... View more
Form 8824 for 1031 exchange taxes
Hello,I recently hired an accountant to do my taxes which include a 1031 exchange. Prior to hiring I confirmed with the accountant that he is in fact familiar with this process. Now, my files are ready to be submitted... View more
Reverse 1031 Exchange
I am interested in finding out if anyone would recommend a reverse 1031 exchange?... If you have an investment property you want to purchase and take the profit from one you own but you purchase the desired investment... View more
Do I use sales price or 8824, line 25, to determine depreciation?
We bought a like-kind property for 765,000 in July.  On form 8824, line 25, basis of acquired like-kind property is 355,000.  Which of these figures do I use for depreciation on new property after separating value into... View more
Studio or 1 bed as investment?
I’m doing a 1031 exchange in San Francisco and have 2 opportunities, 1) Studio in the Dogpatch 2) 1bed in the TL - both new development and about $90K price difference. Would like to hear pros and cons on studio ba 1bd... View more
Newbie- 5 acre flip- offering owner financing- 1031 exchange
Hello!Seeking any advice from the pros on owner finance and 1031 exchange. Thanks in advance!I purchased an inexpensive 5 acre property out of state (1000 miles) for two reasons. 1 to gain experience and confidence in... View more
Selling Primary Rental and Rebuy - Tax Gain exclusion Options
I have a SFH rental that was a primary residence and has been in rent for 2 year and 3 months, The rental lease coming to an end in 2 months. I have 6 months left to qualify for the Tax gains. I assume i will be able... View more
1031 Swapping mixed use property
Hi, I inherited a 1 family home, where I had been living for more than 10 years, I did not pay rent prior to inheriting, continued to live in after inheriting, no interruption.Got the deed 1.5 years ago after probate... View more
1033 Exchange for Fire Damaged Property
Hi - looking for inputs from 1033 exchange experts:1. Our investment property was severely damaged in a fire 2. We have received insurance proceeds and are also planning to sell the fire damaged property at a deep... View more