Iowa farmers/investors exchanging into farm ground

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I’m an agent in northern Iowa, we sent out mailers to owners of hog confinement building, informing them we have people looking for this type of property. The only snag for most sellers, is our attorney says you cannot 1031 from these buildings into farm ground. The buildings cost in the upwards of $750,000 now days to build new, 10 years ago they were $500,000. And they have been depreciated out, so obviously if they sell, they need a strategy to avoid huge tax burdens. Does anyone have any experience in situations like this? Or possibly direct me to some resources I can research myself? Thanks!

@Brad Hoover , I must confess a limited amount of knowledge on the specifics of hog confinement.  But it surprises me that a $700K structure placed permanently on a tract of land and used for productive purposes would not qualify for 1031 treatment.  There may be some nuance to these structures I don't know but my suspicion is that there is a way for them to be 1031 compliant.  There are many things more strange that are still considered real estate for purposes of 1031.