PA 1031 Question - "Replacement" Basis?

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I am putting this question out here as I have not been able to find anything definitive.  I am well aware of the Pennsylvania non-recognition of IRC Section 1031.  I know that gain is recognized when a Pennsylvania property is sold in a like-kind exchange.  However, if a Pennsylvania property is purchased as REPLACEMENT property in a like-kind exchange, what is the basis in the property for PA purposes?  My current conclusion is that since PA does not recognize 1031 transactions, the basis in the property would be the purchase price and not the carryover (exchanged) basis from the exchange.  Can anyone confirm or point me in the right direction where I may find something definitive on this?  Thanks to all!

A like-kind exchange refers to property that has been exchanged for similar property. For example: a taxpayer exchanged land in Pennsylvania for land in Florida,california. Under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) a gain (loss) is not recognized and is deferred until the replacement property is sold. for  more detail kindly refer to section 1031 . or inbox me .

@John Mayer , my guess is going to be that your PA accountant will hold two different basis calcs.  One for the PA return which zeros out the gain for each purchase regardless of the 1031 (just like normal).  And one for your fed return based off the 8824 which will carry forward the basis of the relinquished property as normal for a 1031 at the fed level.