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This forum is for people who need advice in helping them out and we will NOT allow members to post solicitations, ads, or other kinds of promotions here. If you've got a Loan Mod business, post in the classifieds. If... View more
City Lien on a Trustee Deed sale
I bought a property in January 07 2021 at an Auction Sale (trustee deed) at the court steps, the property is located in Victorville Ca. When I did a title search the property had a no dollar amount lien from the city... View more
Stopping Foreclosures in Las Vegas
Hello BP Community, I'm looking to gather any information regarding the foreclosure process in Las Vegas. Any steps/ pointers you think are important I'd love to hear. Please be as descriptive as you find helpful.... View more
Buying from Scheriff auction
Hello there,I’m really considering buying a property from Sheriff sale auction in Philadelphia Pa, after doing some research one of the steps needs to be done before bidding on the property is do a title search in... View more
Tax Foreclosure HELP!
I have dealt with pretty much every good and bad situation in the RE game of life. But this I’m sorta lost about. Ok so my mother sold a house we had upstate New York 8 years ago. She held a note for the buyer for... View more
How to stop my house from being sold in a foreclosure auction?
My parents' house in California is currently far into the foreclosure process (via 2nd lien holder), and we have a lot of equity from the 1st mortgage. Due to many complications, we fell into default with the 2nd lien... View more
How do you know when it’s a good investment to buy a foreclosure
I received an email of a foreclosure property , how do I find out more Information and how do I know if it’s worth buying ? I’m looking for a quick flip and would have to use hard money lenders to start. Thanks!
Can some one suggest a skip tracing company, to get good contact info. For your claimants who's entitled to receive unclaimed tax overages for  properties that was foreclosed on. Thank you in advance :)
Learning to Conduct Title Searches for Foreclosure Investments
BP Community,I am a novice investor in Orlando, FL who is interested in learning how to purchase properties undergoing foreclosure at auction.  The terms "novice investor" and "foreclosure at auction" do not sound very... View more
Foreclosure property and eviction - Millstone, NJ
Seeking for advice! Maybe someone has dealt with a similar situation. Property is located in Millstone NJ. We bought a foreclosure home, the closing was in September. The old owners are still living at the property and... View more
Are Pre Foreclosures always cheap?
So in my area there is a 3 bed 2 bath in a better part of the town that is in pre foreclosure for sale at $23,000.The outside of the house doesnt look bad but im not certain on the inside.But just from knowing the area... View more
Owners Facing foreclosure
I’m seriously thinking of buying an off market property for my next rental investment. Never done before so I’m in research mode. Any suggestions on how to approch complete stranger that is facing foreclosure? I see... View more
Pre-Foreclosure from Reverse Mortgage
Hi BP! There is a home down the street from us that is in pre-foreclosure due to a reverse mortgage. It was supposed to go to auction before coronavirus, lockdown, and this moratorium on foreclosures, so now it seems... View more
Reinstate the loan or ??? What would YOU do?
Loan is delinquent by YEARS.Current amount to REINSTATE the loan in $526,000On a loan that is owed $860,000My home is currently valued at $1.5MCannot refi since my credit score isn't great (hence years in default)I am... View more, use their title company or mine?
I just won my first bid on on a property in Ewing, NJ.  I'm filling out the prelim paperwork for them to prepare contract. Should I use my own title company or title company? 
Bigger Pockets Foreclosure Emails
Hello All!  I am a Bigger Pockets Pro member and I receive the Bigger Pockets foreclosure emails.  When I try and view the information about the properties sent to me it acts like I need to pay more to see them.  Does... View more
Tennessee notice of foreclosure sale
It's my understanding that, in Tennessee, the lender must give public notice of a foreclosure sale at least 20 days prior to the sale.  Is this the only public notice that must be given? Once this has happened, is... View more
Advice for locating homes in the early foreclosure process
Hey BP, I wanted to see if anyone could share any insights into finding a list of homes in a specific area that are in the pre-foreclosure process (before bank owned).  Any advice is appreciated.  Thanks 
Reverse mortgage nightmare
The market in our area is so hot houses are selling before they hit the market or with 5-10 offers on day one. So when I was able to obtain a private showing of a house in my neighborhood before it went on the market... View more
Auctions in Louisiana—
I have read a couple of books about auctions but they were not specific to my state and I know that the laws vary by state. If planning on buying at an auction I know there are a few things to research first. Are... View more
Trying to save a foreclosed home
Hello Everyone, Before this long question, I want to thank everyone here for helping people like me out. My Aunt purchased her home around 2004-2005 in New Jersey. She married her husband in 2010 who I know is... View more
How to wholesale a foreclosure
I'm looking to wholesale a foreclosure and was looking for steps to do it. maybe, the differences between on market wholesaling and foreclosure wholesaling. thanks for any feedback. Have a blessed day!