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Are you facing foreclosure? Have you fallen behind in your payments? Do you want to save your credit rating? This forum is for homeowners who need helpful advice in dealing with their lenders in saving their homes.

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Tennessee notice of foreclosure sale
Started by Ben Roberts
4 Tiny 1447884808 avatar benrobmem Last post byBen Roberts
2 days ago
Foreclosure process in NY after borrower died?
Started by Samantha Liang
5 Tiny 1448388906 avatar rtpg1 Last post byRick Harmon
3 days ago
Started by Joe Gibson
2 Tiny 1421453149 avatar rons5 Last post byRon S.
8 days ago
Want to Help somebody who is foreclosed in Attleboro Mass
Started by Sandeep Singh
5 Tiny 1448398935 avatar robert adams Last post byRobert Adams
8 days ago
Squatter eviction, avoiding damage
Started by Jeff Deville
1 Tiny 1453159424 avatar cindyg5 Last post byCindy Gerson
8 days ago
Pre Foreclosure meeting
Started by Fernando Ibarra
2 Tiny 1448388916 avatar djbenedict Last post byDavid Dachtera
11 days ago
How to deal with pre foreclosure
Started by Komal Patel
3 Tiny 1453844736 avatar komalp1 Last post byKomal Patel
12 days ago
Is this a good deal? Foreclosure for 20k? Assessed @ 187k
9 Tiny 1453446748 avatar jordanr11 Last post byJordan Ryan
15 days ago
Started by Georgia Baker
24 Tiny 1449515424 avatar georgiab Last post byGeorgia Baker
15 days ago
Need advice please
Started by Renee' Dixon
20 Tiny 1448388785 avatar bestler Last post byBob E.
15 days ago
waiting time after a FHA foreclosure loan
Started by Michael Watts
1 Tiny 1453238161 avatar kitc2 Last post byKit Crowne
16 days ago
Pre forclosure
Started by Rosa Elena Tejado
4 Tiny 1440109261 avatar roberto19 Last post byROBERT ORRIGONI
17 days ago
Foreclose house - what to watch for
Started by Francois Frigon
0 Tiny 1450660214 avatar francoisf1 Last post byFrancois Frigon
17 days ago
Started by Janet Perales
12 Tiny 1453439954 avatar charitys1 Last post byCharity Skore
20 days ago
How much time before "sale date" on preforeclosures is too late?
Started by Benjamin Cowles
3 Tiny 1421453149 avatar rons5 Last post byRon S.
21 days ago
Foreclosed home
Started by Frank Tovar
2 Tiny 1399660979 avatar tovarfr Last post byFrank Tovar
22 days ago
Sheriff gave 4 day notice to move out - help needed
Started by Dominik Gajor
9 No avatar tiny Last post byDominik Gajor
22 days ago
Colleage is trying to avoid foreclosure. Seeking advice.
Started by Arthur Edmund
29 Tiny 1421453149 avatar rons5 Last post byRon S.
27 days ago
Post-foreclosure in TX: does the tenant have 30 days?
Started by Andy W.
4 Tiny 1421453149 avatar rons5 Last post byRon S.
28 days ago

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