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Are you facing foreclosure? Have you fallen behind in your payments? Do you want to save your credit rating? This forum is for homeowners who need helpful advice in dealing with their lenders in saving their homes.

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New Investor Strategies for Pre-Foreclosure
Started by Montai Edwards
6 Tiny 1430970457 avatar codys5 Last post byCody Stone
about 13 hours ago
BK chap 13 dismissed, do I pull the trigger?
Started by Chris Njonjo
1 Tiny 1448386586 avatar socalkeller Last post byJim Keller
about 17 hours ago
My sister needs help!
Started by Matthew Louks
3 No avatar tiny Last post byWayne Brooks
1 day ago
Need a NJ Hudson County Lawyer
Started by Joel Melgar
0 Tiny 1437182419 avatar joelmelgar Last post byJoel Melgar
8 days ago
Help someone before foreclosure
Started by Ellis Moore
5 Tiny 1399418829 avatar gparker Last post byGary Parker
13 days ago
short sales
Started by Mikel Smalls
10 Tiny 1440082187 avatar gregorye Last post byGregory Emmer
13 days ago
Sale Date in New York December 2 how do I buy time?
Started by Bob Jann
15 No avatar tiny Last post byBob Jann
14 days ago
What is a Notice of Entry of Final Judgement?
Started by Sandy Weed
5 Tiny 1448386675 avatar leonardm3 Last post byLeonard Maddox
15 days ago
Multi Unit property in Jacksonville Tennessee
Started by Isatu Mathis
3 Tiny 1399766051 avatar davidcook Last post byDavid Cook
19 days ago
rochester ny tax foreclosure
Started by Matt Harris
2 Tiny 1438882101 avatar matthew harris Last post byMatt Harris
23 days ago
Sad story
Started by William Sackett
2 Tiny 1448388916 avatar djbenedict Last post byDavid Dachtera
25 days ago
Investment Home Purchase O/O Lenders?
Started by Rochelle Kretchmar
0 Tiny 1448388636 avatar rochellek1 Last post byRochelle Kretchmar
25 days ago
REO Not clean title
Started by Jason Nguyen
2 Tiny 1445429752 avatar jamied7 Last post byJamie DeRossett
25 days ago
Due on sale - negotiating with bank?
Started by Michael Braun
2 Tiny 1438685138 avatar mikbuysre Last post byMike Sedlacek
29 days ago
Does anyone have experience dealing with a HUD/HAMP Loan?
Started by Tim Landy
4 Tiny 1421120635 avatar judyh Last post byJudy H.
about 1 month ago
Pre-foreclosure help needed in South Jersey
Started by Jim Chesmore
4 Tiny 1432886705 avatar boosteds4 Last post byNathan Paisley
about 1 month ago
Hard Money for Foreclosures?
Started by Hassan Muhammad
3 Tiny 1398784765 avatar wheatie Last post byJon Holdman
about 1 month ago
Pre-Foreclosure contracts
Started by Marshall Petty
9 Tiny 1433596265 avatar ferrette Last post byDavid Ferrette
about 1 month ago
Neighbor of 22 years in pre-foreclosure
Started by Stephen Johnston
11 Tiny 1411158686 avatar 7differentways Last post bySteve Vaughan
about 1 month ago

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