Pre foreclosure

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Happy 4th of July !

I am a Newbie and found a couple of properties in the pre-foreclosure stage.

- Both are estate properties under a county guardianship.

- Both are in the early stage of NOD (Notice of Default).

- Properties are in good condition, just a little touch to increase selling price.

Questions ?

   1) Whom shall I deal first ?

   2) How do approach the deal with the other party ?

I am very gratefull

Walk-up and shake hands with the owner. Ask them if they would like to sell. See what happens.

Have you researched the areas? Why these properties? Do you know much about buying estate sale properties?

Best to you!


Thanks for posting!

Are you an agent? Are the homes underwater? I do not know too much about the mentioning of the county guardianship, but I would imagine that you might be able to buy them directly from the owner if equity is present. If the properties equity situation is upside down then it might be best to connect with the owner and see what their goals are in order to see if an agent can list and mediate a sale between both parties and the lenders.

Let me know if this helps at all and if I am stating the obvious then I apologize in advance. Take care!