dropped ceilings versus sheetrock?

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just trying to get a consensus here.i have gross ceilings and wated to know of renter's prefer drop ceilings vs regular ceilings. does anyone know if people even care for that matter?

Actually, it depends on what's above the ceiling.  If there are water lines between the floors, I'd opt for drop ceilings;  when leaks occur, it's better to know sooner rather than later.  Drop ceiling tiles will discolor with water--sheet rock ceilings will eventually drip, grow mold, fall down, go boom.

Other than the above, I'd go with sheetrock.

Depends on the rental class and location of the ceiling and to a lesser extent the house style. Basement usually a drop ceiling, there are nicer coffer look tiles for a better look if you have a better rental. i dont like drop in the main house but have seen the coffered ones used nicely in older homes. Alternately there are board like ceilings you can use and self install that come in white if they match your house style. We have used for a quick turnover but for a single room. Sheet rock takes time and needs to be taped right. If you can put 1/4 inch over the current ceiling without issue it is a good option. Ask yourself if it is something that will get the property rented and is worth the $$.

Drop ceiling is good for the Landlord because it gives easy access to wiring. I don't know any tenant that would prefer it and suspect it would turn off a lot of renters.

My W2 job is a general commercial contractor and I have put up t-bar (drop ceiling) and sheetrock all the time 

I don't usually see drop ceilings unless it's for commercial use in an office, mobile trailer or a basement to conceal utilities yet giving easy access to them.   Drop ceilings in residential properties are cheap as well as look cheap which may attract only those who have no choice on how things look.  Beware, drop ceiling$ can easily be damaged when one needs to get into them.

For residential use, I would definitely go with sheetrock.

Too little information provided.  Is this a condo, a basement, a house , or what?  What market?  what price range?  What is currently installed?  Why the need for ceiling repair/replacement?  What is the use of the property?  Rental/commercial/family/student?  Are there wiring , plumbing, HVAC obstructions?  What is the age of the property?  

A drop ceiling in a residential unit is just plain ugly, and I'm sure would diminish the value of the property - If I were to buy a property like that, I would have to budget for the removal...  (of course, how much of an impact would depend on the property class / neighborhood).

Sheetrock would be my choice unless its a finished basement.

In older houses there are junction boxes you can't bury in basements. So sheetrock isn't an option. Even if it is possible, its nice to be able to first floor plumbing and electrical from below when need.

In most apt rentals I find drop ceilings (2x2 tiles) to be a better option. It allows for easy access to run future wiring etc and tiles can be easily swapped out if they become damaged.