Judgements and liens

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Greetings All,

Does anyone know a free, or close to free search tool that allows you to search a property and see if there are any liens as well as the lienholder and position?

Thanks in Advance

@Martin Sterling Check out Court House Direct. They have some searches you can do for free mostly searching by the grantor or grantee's name. You have to pay if you want a print out of the lien but you can search it for free. If you search by the property address/legal description, you have to pay for it as well. I always search by the owners name.

The answer to this question depends upon where the property is located. You’ll need to know the local lien priority rules. 

And if you want free info you’ll need to learn how to do a title search. Access to local land, tax and court records is a must. Figure out whether judgments get recorded or whether they automatically become liens once entered. 

If you want someone to give you this info and be liable to you if they provide incorrect data, you’ll need to pay a title abstractor, title company or similar.