How do I find the home owner phone number of aPre-Forclosure?

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Originally posted by @Ramiro Terrazas :

How do I find the homeowners ohone number for a pre-forclosure?

google? Facebook? The Yellow pages? Knock on the door and ask them for their phone number?

Originally posted by @Ramiro Terrazas :

@Ron S. Ok, yea so i got a list from the court house, so basically you would have to just doornock on these pre-foreclosure s, correct?

 I have no clue. I do not know what your objective is. You were not/are not clear in your posts. You might be breaking laws for all I know. If you are knocking on doors of people in foreclosure, depending on what you say to them, you may be required to have a license or registration with the state and if you say the wrong thing, you may be faced with fines and penalties.

I would recommend, if you are posting in these forums, that you be clear and concise with what your objective is so that if you are looking for advice, you get sound advice back, with the caveat that its only an opinion.