Business Plan Template For Real Estate Investing

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Tony Severino

Real Estate Coach from Highland, Indiana

Jun 01 '09, 08:02 AM
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When working with students, it is common when you are seeking private money, or even traditional funds to pay for your projects, that the lender will want a business plan.

Below I have a link for a sample business plan. Feel free to S & D it ( Swipe and Deploy)

Tony Severino

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Jill Maricle

Real Estate Investor from San Diego, California

Jun 15 '09, 01:30 AM

thanks so much for the business plan template!!

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John OKeeffe

Residential Real Estate Agent from Tampa, Florida

Jun 18 '09, 02:02 AM

You hit with what I need. Thanks! I will be giving it my top priority in the next few weeks.

How do you see SCORE activities? Are they helpful? They work on business Plans also.

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David Lee

Real Estate Investor from Pennsylvania

Jun 22 '09, 06:21 AM

Thank you. This is what I needed. I was looking for this for some time. I will read through it thoroughly.

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Anthea S.

Real Estate Investor from bronx, New York

Mar 06 '10, 02:01 AM

Hey Tony,
i was wondering if you still had the business plan template available...can you shoot me a copy please.

many thanks

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Des Shei

Investor from Southern CT, Connecticut

Mar 07 '10, 04:19 AM

If you can't get it from the O/P, PM me your email and i'll send you mine.

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Tony Severino

Real Estate Coach from Highland, Indiana

Mar 07 '10, 05:13 AM
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Here ya go ...



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Daryl A.

Real Estate Investor from Queens, New York

Mar 07 '10, 05:59 AM


Great business plan. Have one myself. I am curious on how you presented this to other lenders, banks, or investors to obtain funds.

I was also wondering if you would give that to a hard money lender when applying for specific properties. Most hard money lenders will ask for an executive summary for each specific project. I am curious to know how to write one or see a sample of such. I have been focusing on 2 families right now, nothing commercial yet.


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Fermin G.

Real Estate Investor from Massachusetts

Mar 21 '10, 11:14 PM

Good afternoon,

Where would I be able to view you business plan template?



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Rodney Dawkins

Real Estate Consultant from Charlotte, North Carolina

Mar 26 '10, 03:53 AM

Hi Tony, could I get you to email me a copy of your business plan.

Thanks in Advance,


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Rodney Dawkins

Real Estate Consultant from Charlotte, North Carolina

Mar 29 '10, 02:27 AM

Thanks, very much appreciated...

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Tracey Williams

Real Estate Investor from Ohio

Jun 11 '10, 11:41 AM

Thank you!!!

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Steve Paski

from Los Gatos, California

Jul 05 '10, 02:21 PM

This is great THANKS!!! Just what I was looking for.

Joe Delia

Involved In Real Estate from Rochester Hills, Michigan

Aug 09 '10, 05:34 AM

Thank you sir! Will be using this as a starting place in which to get mine going. 3 weeks in europe for honeymoon.

Tiara Murray

Investor from Detroit, Michigan

Feb 13 '11, 06:23 PM

Hey can anyone shoot this over to my email at [REMOVED]. My browser is having trouble opening it.

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William Ware Verified

Property Manager from Holly, Michigan

Feb 13 '11, 08:05 PM

Thank You Tony...just what I was looking for!

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Mat Lewczenko

Investor from Lenexa, Kansas

Feb 13 '11, 10:38 PM

I used this exact plan as a guide for my own biz plan and we just got approved for funding from a portfolio lender in our area.

Obviously we changed everything to reflect our market and philosophies but this was a great framework for us to plug in our thoughts.

Everyone who looked at it was very impressed.

Renee LaViscount

Renter from Atlanta, Georgia

Sep 18 '11, 01:52 PM

Can you please update the link for the REI Business Plan Template?

Renee La-Viscount
(aslo a BiggerPockets memeber)

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Ann Bellamy Verified

Hard money lender from Tyngsboro, Massachusetts

Sep 18 '11, 02:01 PM
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