Hello everyone, 

My business partner and I own a Baltimore-based real estate development company in which we have diversified into a few business models (Short-term Flipping, buy/hold rentals for SFR and MF, commercial, and land development) We are a small company with a handful of people but we have great capital/buying power.

Overall, we are a small company trying to become a powerful figure/influence that encourages growth in our city through investing in it.   

We are looking for nuanced responses to our questions: 

1-What are the essential components to scaling your existing business into a successful large corporation? 

2-How to build strong teams with the corresponding skill requirements and where to find them?

3-What is the recommended (right) leadership structure and how to build it?

4-What types of goals and systems should we be setting up for ourselves to expand? 

5-How do we double our size?