I’m not sure if this is the correct forum to post this in but I am looking to connect with as many people from the Chicagoland NW Indiana region.. especially Lake and Porter county Indiana. If you are from these areas and would like to get lunch some time and see my office let me know. My name is Tom Olson of Olson Group and Good Success. I have a dream to flip the city of Gary Indiana and change the culture and the make up of the city. I would love to see it be a city that people move to instead of move from and bring it up to par with other cities in the Region! Right now we are in research and development stage and we are testing some models. Rentals, fix and flip, turn key, seller finance and vacation rentals. I am not interested in getting credit for any of this nor do I care about an accolades. I just want to change this city for the better. I believe the people of this city have lost hope and we need to change that. I believe Gary Indiana will become a logistics hub as we have all 4 major forms of transportation with a ton of easy access empty cheap land to these transportation outlets and we need to focus not just on housing but on parks and the college and the airport and roads and industry and resorts on the beach and fun and culture and creating sustainable jobs and reasons for people to move to the city. If anyone is interested in helping or have ideas, Money, access to capital, relationships, etc.... I would love to network with you all to make this city great again and to make the happen. it’s Gary’s Time and let’s flip Gary! Tom Olson