Hello BP, I've been as they call it, a lurker, for a while. Pretty much every question up until this point has been able to be answered with a BP search through forums, or through google. At this point in time, to give y'all an idea of what I'm doing(I'm from Texas), I'm wholesaling, have a dialer in place qualifying leads, I follow up, I'm in the process of creating an LLC just for basic RE income(operating company), and I'll expand into either a parent LLC or S-Corp with underlying LLC's with land trusts that have properties in each of them, along with a lush umbrella policy. At this point I'm planning on wholesaling for a year or so, switching into more seller financing, mixing it with a few rentals that I'll acquire through a BRRRR-esque manner, and then once I have enough(what does that even mean?), I'll continue to pour equity into them so that once they're paid off, the seller financing that I've laid in place will mostly be tapering off, and then I'll have rental income. I'll have a property manager as well, with a family I'm not super keen on dealing with tenants, more for their sake than my sake.

My question at this time doesn’t really have to do with RE necessarily, it’s about digital presence and security. Google can’t seem to give me a straight answer, and if this is on BP, please link the link, I haven’t been able to find it.

I’m wondering how setting up a website and accompanying forwarding email addresses attached to that domain name works. I’m one of those guys who’s kind of into anonymity, though I understand that it’s a rabbit hole, and if someone really wants to find you, they can, it’s just a matter of making it difficult enough so they’ll give up before they get anywhere. What I’d like to do is have 2 domain names, one personal and 1 work. I’ll then have 5 working accounts associated with them, total, not each, and then funnel respective forwarding email addresses into them(a different forwarding email for each internet account), but realistically I’ll only have to check 5 inboxes. I’d like the email server to be anonymous. There’s one out of Switzerland that I’m looking into. Does anyone know how it works once you have bought a domain name?

Question 2 is as far as cloud based servers, personal, on site, is there a place that someone can point me to to be able to understand it and the process to set it up(I’ll hire someone), and the process holistically?

I just care about this stuff, I’m not doing anything wrong in particular, other than my usual sins I suppose, I just care about privacy, especially when it comes to business and money.

Sorry for the super long intro,

I appreciate any info or nuggets y’all can give me,