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Juan Campos
  • Dallas Tx
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Is this a good deal ?

Juan Campos
  • Dallas Tx
Posted Jan 15 2022, 17:57

Condo price is 115k

Down 3.5% closing 2%

Total capital requires 6.5k

Rents 950

- 5% vacancy

250 utilities


Hoa 2,652

Insurance 483

Taxes 2,519

I'll be managing

Noi $7,342

Debt service $ 5,979.93

Cap rate 6.38%

Coc return 21.81 %

Cashlfows $1,362.07

Principal pay down $2,129.75

Roi is 55.92%

Looking to invest on my first property

It's close to my job and it's a condo

This will fuel my next deal

And I will live in it one year before leasing it, not many duplexes in my area last one I saw listed for over 400k in a bad area.. and they are very limited..

What do you guys think? Pull the trigger?

It's small around 500 sqft condo.. but I want to get started ,should I wait ?

Thanks in advance

I've worked in apt maintenance before , i know a bit about remodeling incase minor things happen and

Have connections in that field as well on my side of the family hvac, plumming,welding,electric.

Thanks guys!

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