Cincinnati market research and meeting other investors

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Please help! I want to begin my investing journey, but I am struggling to learn the market and meet other investors.

I am on some Facebook groups but it has not helped much and I tried to do my own research but I keep getting stuck.

 How do I properly research the market? What kind of things should I look for to determine good and bad neighborhoods to wholesale or buy and hold? How do I get the market knowledge that I need in order to begin? If anyone has the slightest bit of advice for me please comment below, I am eternally grateful.

Hi Mizy, welcome to the group! Cincinnati has one of the best real estate associations. Join REIAGC to be able to network with other like minded people and attend so many useful focus groups pretty much every day. 

@Mizy Kalmanson are you local or out of state? That would definitely shape my approach on learning the market. If you are local, one of the best ways is to get out and actually drive the neighborhoods, you will learn the nice and rougher areas, you can look for distressed properties while you are at it. If you are out of state, I would connect with some agents, investors, and property managers here in Cincinnati to get some market insight. Either way, I would continue networking on BP and in the other investor groups here locally. @Joe Fairless has a monthly meet up as well that I attend, it is currently virtual due to covid. I hope that helps you get started!  

@Mizy Kalmanson I got some knowledge here, as I started investing in NYC and was like how do I turn this into a process??

So, you want to use data to inform your decision here. Don't use just feeling, or you think this area works. Prove it with numbers

Look up crime rates, property tax rates, schooling, etc.

I would do this for a few other cities and compare them to Cincinnati in order to know if that is even a good place to invest!

I've got a meetup that is listed in the BP events tab that meets on the first Thursday of each month. It is called Properties & Pints. Currently, we are at Madtree Brewery and I'd love to see more local investors there. If anyone is interested in Cincinnati but not local, I have a FB group that also hosts virtual events. The link to that FB group is in the listing for the Meetup. I'll look forward to meeting some new investors!