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So yeah, I'm a couple of weeks in to my real estate course. Didn't know that-that was not necessary to be able to invest. But already in so im gonna finish. I was wondering if i should work with a property management company when i finish class so as to learn the systems needed to manage property b/c I'm leaning on passive cash flow from multi unit.

Also what books do i need to, really need to read that will set me up to start investing? I know i don't need to learn everything. But there has to be aminm

It can't hurt to work for a PM. It'll help you deal with problem tenants.

I don't have any recommended books because this site is better than any of them I've read. Listen to the podcasts, read the BiggerPockets books, and search the forums and blogs.

@Luis Saez , I would suggest you start with the Learn section at the top of this page. It is loaded with great information about real estate investing. Listen to the Podcasts, they are very informative and are from folks who are doing investing. there are some very good books out there to read, and some great forums that list them. Read and post on here to get comfortable in what you really want to do. Then start applying it. I made my first deal with less than 20% of what I know now. Run the deal past folks on this forum for great feedback. Learning is good, but you have to take action too.;

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