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Hi I'm in the Richmond Virginia area. I'm very new to real estate. I'm finding it almost difficult building a buyers list. I'm learning so much, but still finding it difficult building this list. Any suggestions really would help.

Thank you

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I personally think if you have the right deal the cash buyers will find you. As Ryan suggested you could post craigslist or bandit signs to build your list but you could do the same thing once you have a deal.

Seriously, you were able to find the BP site, but you couldn't find the sticky thread at the top of the wholesaling forum that enumerates many answers to your question?!?

That's pretty easy to do if you've got real deals, you're just looking for investors and the good deals are hard to find right now. Look for their buy (and sell) ads, and just call them up. Attend REIAs, local networking, call all the bandit signs you see, ask realtors if they have buyers, etc. Do some searching on here, there'll be plenty of other suggestions, but that's the basics. Also sign up for other wholesalers stuff, sometimes there's opportunity to co-wholesale and every once in a while they'll slip up and send their whole buyers list. I've never used them, but keep them on file just in case when they do that kinda thing.

"Join Listsource. It's free to join and you don't pay until you compile a list."

Same with

The best way is to buy your list catered to your specific area. They cost a couple hundred bucks but well worth it. I made a list of 100 cash buyers from recent cash sales in the area I prefer.  When I have a deal I just send out a few postcards.

Craigslist has a lot of time wasters and REI clubs are loaded with your competition doing the same thing you are.

I feel the same Gwendolyn.  I also think that Craigslist is oversaturated with investor/wholesalers looking for the same thing.  I can't keep spending $100 dollars on marketing.  I attend the local meetups when time permits.  I'm a single parent and making the meetups during the week is almost impossible. I'm starting to get really frustrated.  :(

@Ashley Barnett wholesaling is much, much harder than the gurus imply.  Local folks I've spoken with her say they spend about $10,000 a month on marketing. They're really fix and flippers, so their doing their own marketing to find deals to flip.  They keep their best deals and wholesale the lesser ones.  

Go to the auctions.  Everyone there is buying properties with cash.  Talk to them.

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