Want to rent my single wide trailer

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I have a single wide trailer needs a small amount of work two small spots on floor.  Finish the hard wood floor needs new carpet and fix the cabinets. I can do the repairs except the carpet.  The thing is it isn't hooked up and I don't have anywhere to put it.  Is there a way to get the money I need to buy a piece of land hook it up or am I on my own?

Sounds like you need to do some research in your area.  You can buy vacant land with a loan but the downpayment requirements are much higher.    30% +   And the you would have all the utility and site prep costs, in my area that would run about $20,000

You could also try to find a park to move it too. Some parks will allow folks to rent out their homes, but these can be hard to find, also moving can be expensive. $3,000+ 

Good luck and happy investing