Home Inspection/Contractor Estimates

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Hello just a quick question here. When exactly do I have a home inspector come in to check a property I am interested in? Do I have to make an offer first or is this done before the offer? Same with bringing in a Contractor to determine my Rehab Cost. Is this once I closed on a property? Just confused on to do at what step and who to bring in. I know that I will be checking out a lot of properties before jumping onto the first one I see so it wouldn't make sense to bring a contractor to all these homes when I am just browsing with a RE Agent, correct? Thank you.

For traditional home sale an offer is made on a contract and then an inspection is scheduled. At this point negotiations will take place or you can walk from the deal losing only your earnest money. For your situation as an investor I think it might be a case by case kind of thing after you get a feel from the seller/agent what the home is like. If its a new construction in good shape you can probably forego a contractor and inspector right away. If its an older home advertised as a handy man special perhaps you bring along an inspector or contractor early on in the process. Keep in mind, the inspector is going to run you $500 or so depending on the market. If you bring a contractor to each and every home you visit, you'd better make sure that you use that contractor and pay well. Its a big chunk of time out of their day for them to come just look at something and give rough bids on what needs to be done.