@Account Closed

I love your ambition and your willingness to learn. As you said in one of your posts, REI is very long term. It is the road you pave today that will decide your destination. Great mindset you have, which is rare for beginning RE investors.

Keep in mind, you cannot build a house without building the foundation first. Ask yourself these basic questions first. How will I increase my net worth in 7 years? Wholesaling? Rehabing? Buy and Holds? 

How will I get money for my first deal? Family members? Traditional bank loans? Savings? Partnering? 

You should read a few books by James Rickards called "Currency wars" and "The Death of money." It will help you understand how government and economics work interchangeably. Government regulations, zoning, permits, "donations" all play a large role in REI. If you live in a country where such things are limited, you could be in a wrong market. Real Estate is a big game and sometimes the big players have their own rules, which eliminates the ambitious, success craving individuals like ourselves.

Good luck, you seem to be on the right path. Just remember to build a foundation first.