New Investor - lendors

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Greetings BP! 

This is my first post and I am ready to get to it. I am a new investor but this is something I have wanted to do for years. I regularly identify deals I would like to pursue that would provide great returns and I've almost pulled the trigger on a couple. My biggest struggle is making the connection with lenders (hard money or otherwise) to provide funding. I can have confidence in the property, the deal and run the numbers until I'm seeing stars but without connections to reputable lenders that are looking to put their money to work the deal goes nowhere. What are your suggestions/strategies for connecting with lenders willing to let their money work?

Currently, I am looking at single family and multifamily homes.

I look forward to meeting each of you and becoming a part of this community.


This my first post having just heard about and so joined BP today. A national website has a very larger Lenders List you can access as a member for only $200 or less a year. And, if you document a deal done from their site during the year, they will refund you membership fee! Ideally, the best way to get funding is to develop relationships with private money lenders you have prospected for locally. Hope this helps!

Thanks Michael for the website. I will check it out. I read both posts this morning and let them marinade throughout the day. I am going to really focus on my relationships with lendors for the next 60 days and try to reach out to a new lendor on BP or phone call each day. I feel like if I can focus my efforts on establishing those relationships with multiple lendors then the money will be one less hurdle and the deals I identify I can actually get and start building my business.