Taking action

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So I'm finally starting to feel like I'm getting close to finally getting out of the analysis phase and finally taking action. I've analyzed 2 deals this month and 3 in the past few months total. The first which I posted here on the forums ended up being in too rough of an area but it was the first deal I had actually run the numbers on so it taught me a lot. I took the time to break down every cost and although it looked good on paper the area was just too bad. The second deal was a short sale that got snatched up before I was able to make an offer. While I was upset it built my confidence a little knowing that it was probably a great deal. Seeing how fast it went made me feel that I was on the right track. The last one was a 4/1 for a very low price that I was looking at with my dad. After speaking with a few realtors about it we concluded that the layout was not conducive to getting the best rents or for resale. 

After losing out on house number two due to not being able the pull the trigger fast enough I decided that I need to nail down my finances and figure out how exactly I am going to finance my first deal. So I have a meeting with my father this week to discuss the best path. I'm getting closer by the day to finally closing my first deal and I can't wait!