Obtaining a real estate license

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I'm thinking of getting my real estate license for the sole purpose of purchasing investment property for myself and family members. Anyone have experience with this and would like to offer advice? Is it worth doing? 

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@Shannon Davis

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It is a great idea. That is how I got started. Highly recommend you take that route.

 Thank you James Wise. How easy is it to find a broker willing to let you part time under their license? Are most of them okay with that? 

Some will be ok with it, some may not.

I see that you just want to do your own deals. That shouldn't be a problem with a lot of Brokers as most should be receptive to part time agents. Personally I would never encourage a new agent to quit their job and jump in head first even if their plan was to eventually be a full time agent.

It takes time to get rolling. The more responsible thing is to step into it slowly. I originally started part time just to be the agent on my own deals and now I own a brokerage.

@Shannon Davis

  California is full of discount brokerages were you simply pay a low monthly fee and can basically do what you want... we have them here in Oregon.. its perfect for the investor.

you get commish on market deals when you buy.. you save when you sell and the all important thing you have MLS access along with that nice key to get into any house without having to wait on someone to show it to you... and you never know you might broker some deals along the way.. I know many agents who once they got rolling make some pretty big dollars.. 500 to 1 mil a year pretty routinely.. without risking a dime !!!