I'm looking for a mentor.

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I am 17 and I am wanting to start a career in real estate. I know only a tiny bit about real estate investing but not much. I live in Waxahachie, TX and I'm hoping to find a mentor that's been in the business a long time and knows a sure and successful way to invest in my area. I do not have any money to pay right away but I would like someone to teach me and to "hold my hand" through my first investment and show me what to do. Please and thank you.

Welcome, Trevor!

Have you been to any local Real Estate Investor Association meetings? I'd encourage you to start looking for mentors locally. In addition to the BP REIA directory, you can do web searches for "REIA" and you'll find various other online directories. Also try searching for "{region your interested in} reia".

Bigger Pockets has a wealth of information as well, so make sure you go through the BP start here page, and absorb as much information as you can.


Hi, Josh. Yes I have been to local reia meetings. I recently went to one a couple week ago in Arlington and now I'm signed up to go to an event that's being hosted in Addison. I have been looking for a mentor I just thought I would try my luck here too. Thank you. 

Thank you for acknowledging me and showing interest in me. The main reason why I started at this age is because I know it's a good way to begin making money and to save up for my future family.