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I am proud to say I just finished listening to all the old podcast and I am up to date. I first discovered a podcast on youtube while searching for similar to rich dad poor dad books to listen to. That was about four months ago or so. I Heard the one and I decided to go back to the very first. I loved most of them. I am an accountant / bookkeeper in Sacramento and have always been an entrepreneur at heart. Needless to say every podcast had my brain going and still does. I look forward to the new podcasts and networking on biggerpockets. This is an amazing site. I am Currently working on acquiring my second home.

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Stephanie Garcia 

All the information is excellent on this site. It is also a great way to learn about all the different real estate markets across the United States. I have connected with people all over the country because of this site and I am now finally connecting with people close to home. I am always open to answering any real estate or loan questions if you have any in the future.

Great Work Stephanie, Sacramento is great place to invest. My first house was a duplex, lived in 1, rented the other side, in south sacramento, florin rd.  area.  

Endless possibilities, also suggest to network with other investors on BP and local Real estate investor groups or REIA.