No money investing

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hello, my name Cornelius and I'm new to both BP and REI. I've heard a lot about low cost or no money down investing. Can anyone please take time to to educate me and enlighten me on this??!

And, I always suggest you actually learn the basics of real estate before you try to operate in real estate. Really good reasons for that, like succeeding and staying out of jail or getting fined and black balled in your community. Only takes about two weeks, why not start out right? Stuff on youtube and the internet can get you into trouble!

And, let's start with some terms, "investing" has legal and financial meanings, look to the IRS, SEC, UCC, GAAP, and economics......."Operating" is what you do with no or very little money. Some don't think being a Real Estate Operator sounds as sexy as a Real Estate Investor, but real business people know the difference and there is nothing wrong or demeaning about being a Real Estate Operator. Best of luck to you! :)